[re] drive: The Eco-Geek-Chic Portable Hard Drive

Going geeky-green doesn't only mean conserving energy or using solar-powered gadgets, it can also include purchasing devices that are made from renewable and recyclable materials, like this [re] drive, which was designed for Fabrik by Stuart Karten Design, a Los Angeles based industrial design firm. I got the chance to check out this plug n' play 500 GB external hard drive, and it's completely eco-friendly; from the 100 percent recyclable bamboo panels, aluminum case and box it comes in, right down to the low-power design that performs quietly and reliably.

This drive is not only eco on the outside, but it includes auto sensing power (that will turn on or off with your computer) and an energy star power adapter that keeps grid demands to a minimum, and its unique exterior ridges act to keep the drive cool without the use of a fan. The [re] drive is both Mac and PC compatible and costs $130.