iPhone 4 Cases From Quirky

Tilt iPhone 4 Case From Quirky Keeps Things Funky

Granted, there are a ton of new cases for the iPhone 4 on the market, but this is one of the more unique examples I've seen lately. The Quirky Tilt Case ($28) for iPhone 4 is a funky new installment with an edgy, easy-to-grip design that protects your iPhone 4 from spills. The case is made from durable plastic and the front from colorful, soft rubber. The sides are pinched for easy cord-wrapping, and the bottom of the case even snaps back to create a stand, which can hold your phone in horizontal or vertical position for easy viewing and FaceTime use. It's available in two colors: all black (which would look pretty awesome on a new white iPhone) and a purple and white combination. Not only is it fab, but it's also totally functional!