iPhone 3G Customers Are Finding Activation Process Slow and Painless

iPhone 3G Activation Problems Are Nationwide

After waiting in SF's iPhone 3G line for over an hour and barely moving at all, I couldn't help but ask one of the guys (who was near the front of the line), what the hold up was when he came out of the store with his chic white bag and new iPhone 3G (sadly, it wasn't Dale).

He said it was a painful process and took over half an hour for Apple staffers to complete the paperwork and activate his phone — although he said his phone still wasn't up and running yet when he left the store.

Word on the street is that Apple stores are having difficulty accessing accounts on the iTunes system, most likely because of the overload of customers on the iTunes store. Some customers are even being sent home to unbrick their phones themselves using iTunes. Looks like it's gonna be a lonnngg day!