iPad Wall Mount

Easily Attach Your iPad to a Wall With the Wallee

Building in a new iPad to a kitchen cabinet, or installing an elaborate case mod is a totally awesome project to take on, but it takes a heck of a lot of ingenuity, and possibly some serious construction to accomplish. If you're in a rental that's not an option for you.
However, a new gadget makes it easy to protect your iPad from scratches and bumps, while doubling as a simple tool to give it a home on your wall.

Meet the Wallee ($46), a hard case and wall mount set that easily attaches your iPad to any wall, allowing you to show off pictures, follow recipes, watch movies in the tub, or act as an extension of your workspace with just one screw.

Find out more (and see some additional pictures of it in action) after the break.

The Wallee is seamless, attaching with just a twist. Plus, the included case is pretty stylish on its own, coming in five different colors — orange, blue, gray, black, and white — while the wall mount comes in either black or white to coordinate with your decor. I think I'm in love — not only for its design, but for the Wallee's simplicity that offers some serious tech styling for all! The first round of Wallees have already sold out, but you can order one for yourself now, and it will ship in the next few weeks!