Why iOS 8 Is Just as Exciting as Getting a New iPhone

Jun 2 2014 - 12:14pm

Get ready for a slew of new features! iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is on its way — and Apple's latest mobile operating system promises to be the best update for avid texters ever.

A summary of what's new:

iOS 8 is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, but we're still really excited about the updates that will be released this Fall. Scroll down to preview iOS 8 in pictures!

Source: Apple [6]

iOS 8 Group Messaging Features

Sending a Voice Message

Sending Video in Group Texts

Sending Selfies From Group Texts

Enabling "Do Not Disturb" For Group Texts

Predictive Texts For Group MMS

Predictive Text

Respond to Texts From Notification Center

Updated Notification Pull-Down

New Notifications For Audio Texts

Enhanced Search — Apps in App Store

Built-In Photo-Editing Features

iCloud Drive — See Favorites Between Devices in Real Time

Mail: Swipe to Delete

Double-Tap For Favorites

Double-Tap For Favorites

HealthKit Dashboard

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