iLuv iPhone and iPod Touch Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

iLuv's Latest Dock Is an Alarm Clock, Too

Besides producing pretty protective cases for the new iPad, iLuv also makes great accessories for other Apple products. The latest iPhone/iPod Touch dock from iLuv is no exception, and serves as more than just a speaker. The iMM190 Stereo Speaker ($90) features a unique shape, allowing it to display your iPhone horizontally or vertically for optimum photo and video viewing.

In addition to enhancing video from your phone, it also doubles as an alarm clock. Download the free iLuv App Clock from the iTunes App Store; the straightforward app displays the time (either vertically or horizontally) and features changeable color themes. The time is displayed in a large, easy-to-read font, and also displays current weather conditions for your location at the top of the screen.