geeksugar Kicks Off Her EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge

geeksugar's EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge Begins!

Get ready, get set, because I've teamed up with the ladies over at Green Pixels for our 30 Day EA Sports Active challenge! I'm all warmed up after a some fun cardio and strength training exercises, and am excited to see what week two will bring.

Included in the EA Sports Active kit (which costs $57) is the Sports Active Wii disc, a leg strap which will hold the nunchuck in place while you hold the Wiimote, and a resistance band to increase the intensity of certain exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses. To get started, I was able to create my very own personalized character, customize circuits based on my interest and fitness level and I even got some words of advice from my personal EA Sports Active trainer — Bob Green (as in Oprah's fitness guru Bob Green). This game not only provides you with various workout routines, but that it combines nutrition and lifestyle factors into your challenge as well! And if you have a Wii balance board, Sports Active is balance board compatible — which means you can decide whether you want to include it in your workouts (some days I use it, some days I don't).

Unlike Wii Fit (remember geeksugar's challenge last year?), this game is intended to get you moving and sweating with exercises like cardio boxing, volleyball, squat exercises, cardio dancing and more (tennis is one of my faves!). Let me tell you, the exercises got me sweating so the short cool downs after each workout were very much needed! The intensity you select will determine how long your workouts are (medium intensity routines can range from 25 — 40 minutes).

If you have EA Sports Active it'd be great if you could join our challenge as well! No matter where you are at — starting or finishing your challenge — it'd be great if you could participate. All I ask is that you leave your feedback about the game and some progress notes in the comments below. Keep checking back every Wednesday to read my updates and progress!

Check out how the ladies (and man) over at Green Pixels are feeling after their first few days!

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