eBay's New Website For Designer Clothing Sales

eBay Unlocks the Fashion Vault For Discounted Designer Goods

You can already bid on all kinds of fashion pieces on eBay (even from your iPhone), but the company is making it easier to get your hands on designer goods at a low price, without the fear of buying counterfeit. Called Fashion Vault, it's eBay's entry into the designer arena. eBay works with trusted sellers and designers to acquire high-end pieces, and then puts them up for sale in blocks. Think of it like a wootoff for designer fashions. There's no bidding on the items — you use eBay's "Buy it Now" feature — so once you see something you like, it's yours. Even better? Shipping is free. Right now, Fashion Vault is offering 60 percent off of some sweet French Connection items through today, like this hot little Poison Ivy Dress ($67.20, down from $168), which is brilliant for all your Spring cookouts. You can also sign up for email alerts to let you know what sales are coming up in the future, similar to ShopStyle's sale page and sale alerts on Twitter. So many ways to save! There goes my paycheck.