Yojo Mama: A Mobile Site For Parents on the Go

Remember the funny but so helpful site MizPee — the one that tells you where the closest and cleanest toilets are in your area? Well the creators are at it again with a new site called Yojo Mama.

Instead of finding clean toilets, Yojo Mama is tailored for moms and dads who need to find things like good child-friendly restaurants, closest diaper changing station, playgrounds, shopping deals or kids clothing stores, while on the go. Currently available in San Francisco and New York (LA is up next in the lineup), Yojo Mama utilizes a user's time and location to whip up the most accurate results.

Mobile users even have the ability to access a community of online parents who can also provide their input and advice about various topics. Even if Yojo Mama isn't available in your city, I'd definitely keep this one on your radar — sounds like a must have for parents!