Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Stream Tunes From Anywhere With Ipevo's Wireless Speakers

Sometimes, you just need to have some music handy to set the mood — during your day in the park, your weekend away, or your camping trip with friends — but you don't always have room in your bag for a big 'ole ghetto-blaster like you did in the '80s. These days, if you have a Bluetooth-enabled device, a digital playlist, and these speakers, you're already set to go. The Tubular Wireless Speakers ($80) from Ipevo connect wirelessly over Bluetooth and will blast your tunes for up to eight hours on a full charge. Small enough to fit in your bag, but powerful enough so that you can actually hear your favorite songs, the Ipevo speakers come in stereo so you get a full sound out of the tiny package. Plus, they would look good on your desk if you decided to keep them all to yourself. I don't blame you — they're pretty cute!