Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus Attachment Coming Soon

Wii Sports Sequel, Remote Attachment Coming Soon

If you spent all your spare hours knocking down pins and throwing curve balls when you first cracked open your Wii by going Pro in Wii Sports, then get ready — you're about to go a few rounds with Wii Sports Resort this Summer! Not to be confused with the third party title Summer Sports: Paradise Island, this game is coming straight from Nintendo and will hit the shelves July 26. Announced at last year's E3 conference, Wii Sports Resort will include Summer fun activities like water skiing, playing Frisbee with a Mii-like dog, and sword fighting. Yes, sword fighting — make up for all the times your mom told you not to play with sticks in the house!

But that's not all. Find out what other goodies are being released for your Wii this Summer when you read more.

Adding to the fun is the new Wii remote attachment that makes your movements even more realistic. Called Wii MotionPlus, this sensor attaches to the bottom of your remote and catches slight movements and enhances your playing experience. Sold together, Wii Summer Sports and Wii MotionPlus will set you back $50, but if you only want more accuracy for your favorite games (this will come in especially handy for your golf swing), Wii MotionPlus will cost just $20.