Violet May Limited Edition BlackBerry and iPhone Purse

She's Done It Again: Violet May's Limited Edition Gadget Purse

You're killin' me Violet May! Not only was I obsessed with your hot silver snakeskin computer clutch, and your gold python BlackBerry purse, but you have to go and chum the accessory waters again with these new and limited edition BlackBerry and iPhone purses.

Just when I thought I could safely browse the Internet without pitting all other gadget purses against yours, you work your way back into my battered heart with your chic bags. The Violet May Limited Edition purse for BlackBerry breaks out of the previous mold by wrapping my BB in a silver stingray patterned body, with the signature python print trim. Although the limited edition is helping to ease my obsession with the shiny silver snakeskin, the prices are still way over my gadget accessory budget at $330 dollars. Why, oh why, can't I quit you, Violet May?