Tourin' Around San Francisco With Sony's Latest GPS Device

Tourin' Around San Francisco With Sony's Latest GPS Device

How in the world did we survive before GPS, seriously? Whenever I do get behind the wheel of a car, I am always dependent on TeleNav's GPS Navigator, which conveniently works with my BlackBerry so I don't have to lug around a huge device. But when I'm in a new city, it's always good to have something with a wider screen so I can follow my route a bit easier. Today, Sony debuts a 4.8-inch GPS navigation system called the NV-U94T ($400) and I was lucky enough to take it for a test drive this past week with a Sony expert — who showed me all of its bells and whistles.

With a wide anti-glare touchscreen display, integrated Bluetooth wireless hands-free calling, and one of my favorite features - the dual view capability, which shows you detailed route information and a zoomed-out map on one screen - the NV-U94T is at the top of its game in terms of features.

To find out the other reasons why this GPS device got my attention and to check out pics of it in action, just read more.

The NV-U94T is packed full of info that will tell you new route options if there are traffic issues in a certain area, and you know how your GPS signal usually cuts out when you're in a tunnel or an area with lots of tall buildings? Well this system offers position plus that uses multiple sensors that monitor your position relative to the map, so (no word of a lie) it still works when you're in a tunnel. Other fun features include its Memory Stick Duo compatibility so you can view audio and videos on your NV-U94T, and the super suction cup that allows you to stick your device wherever you want in all weather conditions — without worrying about it falling off. Although this GPS unit is in the "elite" group of navigation systems in terms of price, you definitely get what you pay for.