The Prettiest Fitness Trackers You'll Ever See

Jul 15 2014 - 10:39am

When it comes to fitness, you never want to leave the house unprepared, but sometimes there's just no place for workout gear at a cocktail party — until now. Since counting steps happens to be an obsession of ours, we were excited to learn that Tory Burch [1] and Fitbit just took our favorite fitness accessory [2] to the next level. Its new accessory collection includes a pendant and bracelets with compartments for your Fitbit Flex tracker [3] ($100, sold separately). So go ahead and keep counting your steps, even after you've ditched your normal running sneakers for a pair of high heels.

Tory Burch For Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace [4] ($175)

Tory Burch For Fitbit Silicone Pink Printed Bracelet [5] ($38)

Tory Burch For Fitbit Silicone Navy Printed Bracelet [6] ($38)

Tory Burch For Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet [7] ($195)

Fitbit Flex [8] ($100)

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