20 of the Most Tragic Tech First World Problems

Jun 2 2014 - 4:33am

Sure, we all laugh at how ridiculous First World problems are — until they happen to us. And when they have to do with our cell phones, computers, or any other tech we rely on daily . . . fugget about it. In no particular order, here are the most catastrophic problems that maybe aren't quite so catastrophic.

Source: Reddit user xb00p3rx [1]

Texting With Your Parents

Because we all know how that goes [2].

Source: Instagram user paulclark24 [3]

Running Out of Password Ideas

Source: Twitter user Grammarly [4]

Being Forced to Talk to People IRL

Source: Instagram user aleif [5]

Still Owning a Blackberry

Source: Instagram user kalegs [6]

Challenging Yourself to Find a Charger Before Your Phone Dies

Source: Twitter user paigeoverturf [7]

Thinking of a Clever WiFi Network Name

Source: Instagram user cantreed04 [8]

Reaching the In-Box Point of No Return

Source: Instagram user tricia_217 [9]

Using 65 Percent of Your Data in Four Days

Source: Twitter user NessyMaee [10]

Gmail Failing Humanity

Source: Twitter user danielbru [11]

Opening Tabs Like Nobody's Business

Source: Instagram user gillibaby [12]

Cutting Yourself Every Time You Swipe

Source: Twitter user kelseyamertz [13]

Tragic Autocorrects

Source: Instagram user hotfuzz90 [14]

Photos Not Big Enough to Be Your Wallpaper

Source: Twitter user KieranF_ [15]

Zero Likes

Source: Instagram user brentcarlson [16]

Google Taunting You With a Glass Invite That You Can't Afford

Source: Twitter user stuffcarlsays [17]

Software Updates in General

Source: Twitter user K_Fritch [18]

The Fact That Someone Had to Post This Sign

Source: Reddit user xb00p3rx [19]

Running Out of Precious Ports

Source: Twitter user carlospache_co [20]

Snapchats Not Loading Properly

Source: Instagram user jennnncus [21]

The Blessing/Curse That Is Candy Crush

Source: Twitter user adayym [22]

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