Unleash Your Star Wars Pride, You Must

Oct 28 2013 - 6:41am

No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween [1]. Save yourself that long intergalactic flight and dress in Star Wars garb.

If you're a lady of the Force, don't fret: you're not limited to just Leia and Queen Amidala (although those are very viable options). Try a female version of Han Solo, Luke, or even the Millennium Falcon on for size! In the gallery, we've got tons of costume inspiration from the best Star Wars cosplay this side of the galaxy!

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Princess Leia

The princess wears her hair in two braided side buns except, of course, when she's enslaved. Her costume consists of one long dress with wide sleeves and a high neck. The dress is belted at the waist.

Source: Instagram user flamingstarphoto [10]

Princess Leia and R2-D2

You can always accessorize with an R2-D2 baby.

Source: Instagram users alienelfqueen [11]

Luke and Leia

An even better accessory? Your twin brother!

Source: Instagram wendy_gail [12]

Princess Leia

Leia was, unfortunately, enslaved by Jabba the Hutt in Episode VI. The metal bikini hasn't been the same since. Start with a black bikini and add gold accents with spray paint, then use a maxi skirt (cut a high slit on the right side) as the bottom.

Source: Instagram user ladiesoftheforce [13]

Queen Amidala

The elaborate Queen Amidala costume is always a challenge. The headpiece is very intricate, but with gold spray paint and some papier-mâché, you can do anything.

Source: Instagram user bridgetwhite [14]

Queen Amidala

This girl . . . nailed it.

Source: Instagam user rhifoxx [15]

Sith Anakin Skywalker

Not surprisingly, Anakin wears dark garb when he goes to the Dark Side. He wears a black leatherlike sleeveless tunic, cinched by a utility belt, over a long-sleeved black t-shirt with billowy sleeves. His pants are a darkish brown, and his shoes are black boots. A long hooded robe is necessary.

Source: Instagram user eddyfreake [16]

Luke Skywalker

Luke's garb is quite simple. This young Jedi dons a white tunic, a utility belt at the waist, khaki pants, and tan boots.

Source: Instagram user lazerlins [17]

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan must be bearded.

Source: Instagram user rhifoxx [18]


This is an incredibly good use of cardboard and gold foil.

Source: Instagram user meadowdewdrop [19]


You could always go the dress route and sew together a simple gold shift.

Source: Tumblr user geekparenting [20]

Han Solo(tress)

Darling Amy [21] is selling this supercute, handmade Han Solo pinafore for $85.

Han Solo

Loving this female take on our favorite scoundrel!

Source: Tumblr user loveandsandwich [22]

Han Solo

For maximum scoundrel-ness, show a bit of chest hair.

Source: Instagram user officialmikemulligan [23]


The glowing eyes of this Tatooinian are too good!

Source: Instagram user truemuse [24]

Chewbacca and Han Solo

This ingenious cosplayer assembled a furry hood, vest, and shorts, then made her shoulder bag into a bandolier!

Source: Flickr user patcave [25]


This cosplayer has great fur bracelets.

Source: Instagram user _cosplay [26]

Stormtrooper, Ewok, and Han Solo

This Ewok is very committed to staying in character.

Source: Instagram user rocketman087 [27]


Fact: babies make terrific Ewoks.

Source: Instagram donna_in_catene [28]


This knitted, grown-up Ewok is pretty good, too.

Source: Instagram user littlestwok [29]

Millennium Falcon

I cannot explain in words how amazing this Millennium Falcon cosplay is. Spaceship ring? Spaceship hairpiece? Spaceship tutu? I can't.

Source: Instagram user mike730 [30]

Visas Marr

This Knight of the Old Republic has beautiful ornamentation on her hood and gown.

Source: Instagram user vavalika [31]


The Jedi historian is a vision in white.

Source: Instagram user sallozare [32]

Aayla Secura

The Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master is recognized by her blue skin and blue ponytail-like tails atop her head.

Source: Instagram user stephane_max [33]

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