Sprint's Overdrive 4G iPad Case Bundle

Sprint Gets In on the iPad Action With the Overdrive 4G Bundle

Your iPad has the capability of connecting to any WiFi signal to get online. This is great, but what if you're in an area that doesn't have a signal? You can always wait for the iPad WiFi+3G to hit stores and buy a month-to-month 3G plan through AT&T, but then you're tethered to AT&T's (sometimes questionable) reception and service. Sprint wants to take over and fill in the gaps with its Overdrive 4G WiFi hotspot (which creates a lightning-fast 3G/4G WiFi signal where available), and in addition, will help you carry it all with a sleek iPad case.

Available at participating Best Buy stores, if you can throw down for the Sprint Overdrive hotspot (which is $399 without a contract), you will get the Sprint iPad folio case for free. There aren't a lot of Best Buys that are getting in on this deal just yet (take a look at the state list here), but maybe if enough people get excited for 4G coverage on a network other than AT&T, they'll expand to more territories.