Sony Announces movieIQ and New Sony Vaio NW Notebook

Sony Debuts movieIQ on Blu-ray Discs and the VAIO NW

Yesterday I attended a Sony media event here in San Francisco where three major announcements were made. The first — which caught my attention — is the 400-disc Blu-ray player Sony plans on unveiling in the near future — that's right, 400 discs . . . who has that many discs anyway?! We also learned about the new (only $880) Sony VAIO NW notebook, which comes fully equipped with Blu-ray disc technology, so you can watch crisp and clear movies from the convenience of your laptop. The laptop is the lightest of its kind, offers a 15.5-inch widescreen display, an HDMI output connector, and it features Sony's XBRITE-ECO LCD technology. This laptop will be available this month in brown, white, and silver.

And last, but not least, was the movieIQ announcement. MovieIQ is a handy feature, powered by Gracenote that gives you real-time info about the movie you're viewing. So for things like insider info, trivia, music or actor details, scene location and more, any movieIQ-enabled Blu-ray Disc will provide these interesting tidbits for you, right while you're watching the movie. And because it's connected to the Internet, the information is constantly updated and accurate (so you don't have to do a Google search to make sure it's legit). MovieIQ will start appearing on major movie titles like Angels & Demons (yay!), Punch Drunk Love, and Easy Rider this September.

To check out more photos of movieIQ and the new Sony Vaio NW read more.