Some Shine Solar Charger Charges Your Gadgets With a Curtain and the Sun

Some Shine Charger Juices Up Gadgets, Decorates Your Home

Unlike some other solar chargers that require special adapters to charge your gadgets, and, you know, the availability of the sun, the Some Shine Solar Charger allows you to juice up your gadgets at any time via a USB connector. How can you solar charge your phone without the sun you ask? Well, I'll tell ya.

The Some Shine collects the solar energy from the daylight hours through a special (and stylish) solar curtain, then stores it in a charging base for later use. You can then charge your phone, your iPod, your laptop at night, or whenever you want since you basically have your own solar energy plant at your fingertips. I'm a little bummed cause this product is still a concept, but I'd be first in line to get my hands on one!