Samsung PL90 Digital Camera

Samsung Unveils Its PL90 Digital Camera

Samsung has just released its latest digital camera, the PL90. The camera's most exciting and noteworthy feature: a built-in USB connector that flips out from the camera for easy connectivity, similar to a Flip camera. The 12.2 MP camera comes equipped with its own auto-install software for easy photo uploading and sharing. Plus, the USB connection charges the camera while it's plugged into your computer — no more worrying about messy wires or chargers.

For more on the included features (including an awesome self-portrait mode) and photos of the PL90, keep reading.

Additionally, the camera includes three new features from Samsung: the Smart Auto function, which automatically adjusts its settings to the correct mode based on lighting and photo subject, Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System, which has special modes for photographing people, and a Smart Album function, allowing users to quickly search for photos on the camera based on time, date, even photograph color.

Within the Perfect Portrait system, the self-portrait function tracks the photographer/subject's face and alerts you with a noise when your face is in the frame (for the perfect Facebook profile shot, every time!); the face detection feature recognizes up to 12 different faces when taking a group photograph for optimum focus and clarity. And the beauty shot function adjusts brightness and face tone, and reduces facial flaws.