You Don't Have to Wait: Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Are Here

Mar 4 2014 - 4:36am

Have you heard? Samsung just introduced its Galaxy S5 smartphone [1] and, in addition to its note-worthy specs, it sure is pretty. Of course you need a case for protection once you get your hands on one, and your options are already starting to trickle in. Ahead, check out the best picks we've seen so far. Some are ready for preorder, and others will be available to buy soon, but you can choose your favorites and see how much they cost right here, right now.

Spigen Capsule Metal Slate Case [2] ($11, originally $25)

Belkin Wallet Folio Case [3] ($40)

Belkin Gray Grip Protective Case [4] ($30)

Faux Leather Flip Case [5] ($8)

Griffin Survivor in Black [6] ($50)

Spigen Copper Gold Matte Hard Case [7] ($14, originally $25)

Raindrop Hard Case [8] ($7)

Kaycase Soft Gel Cover Case [9] ($10, originally $18) in assorted colors

Kaycase Heavy Duty Cover [10] ($13, originally $18) in assorted colors

Speck Candy Shell Cases [11] (price TBD)

Belkin Slim Fit Armband [12] ($30)

Belkin Stripe Folio Case [13] ($40)

Proporta Black Folio Flip Cover [14] ($25)

Belkin Grip Candy Protective Case [15] ($30)

Quiksilver Check Print Case [16] ($33)

Purple Hyrbid Case [17] ($7)

Griffin Survivor in Clear [18] ($30)

Floral Bee Silicone Gel Case [19] ($7)

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