Portland Mario Kart Bike Path

A Portland Bike Path Gets the Mario Kart Treatment

Just before I left for a weekend trip to Portland, OR, I heard about an especially geeky bike path that someone had painted on a newly paved stretch of North Williams Avenue in Northeast Portland. And luckily, the bike path was on the way to an especially yummy brunch spot, so I got to check it out for myself!

The path is painted with stenciled details from Mario Kart — banana peels, shells, mushrooms, and a star at the end. While there were only six or seven designs stenciled onto the street (mostly banana peels), it's a cute touch to an otherwise nondescript half-mile of bike path. Check out the designs in the photos below; I'm not sure how legal it is to stencil art onto the street, but you have to admit it's completely cute.