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Plants vs. Zombies Review: This Game Is Taking Over My Life

I don't know what drew me to Plants vs. Zombies in the first place, but now, battling my way through level after level of plant eating zombies is my idea of fun. What's so special about the game you ask? Well, it's a simple premise: defend your house from zombies with the help of killer plants which stun, chomp, and act as obstacles to keep the undead away. But sometimes, it's the simple things that are the most addictive.

In adventure mode, there's 50 levels of zombie action that has your plants working overtime while the army of zombies (including pole vaulters and a bobsled team) gets faster and smarter. Earn up to 49 types of plants to protect your home (like Sunflowers, Peashooters, Cherry Bombs, and Potato Mines) and play in five different game modes to combat game burnout.

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There's definitely a strategy to Plants vs. Zombies (which I won't spoil), but the only reservation I have is the price: $20! I guess you'd pay the same for a DS game at your local game store, and for the fun factor, I really can't complain. Plants vs. Zombies is perfect for on the go gaming on your PC or Mac, and works great on my tiny HP Mini, too! Plus, there's a free trial download, so you can be sure you love it before you buy.