Pictures of Movember Flip Video Cameras

Flip Celebrates Movember With New Camcorder Designs

It seems that pint-sized digital camcorders are all the rage lately, so it's cool to see that some companies are putting their products to good use. Flip Video unveiled a few new moustache designs for its Ultra, Mino, and SlideHD cameras in honor of Movember, a charity that encourages men to grow moustaches in the month of November in order to raise money for men's health and prevention of cancer.

The cameras, which range in price from $149 to $249, come with all the usual specs of a Flip camcorder that you've come to know and love. Oh, and ladies, it's probably easier if you support your favorite man by grabbing one of these, instead of attempting to grow a 'stache of your own. If you try the latter, it may be a cold Movember, indeed.