Personal Trainer: Cooking Coming to the Nintendo DS!

The first title in Nintendo's Personal Trainer series for the Nintendo DS, Personal Trainer: Cooking, makes whipping up recipes fun and easy! I had the chance to check it out last week in action and I must admit, I'm an avid cook, but with Personal Trainer: Cooking, it's like having your very own personal chef with you in the kitchen! Acting as an interactive cookbook, with this game you can access over 240 recipes from around the world and a private cooking instructor will provide video demonstrations and talk you through any recipe you choose.

As you browse recipes (by ingredients, calorie count, cooking time, difficulty, etc), all you have to do is tap a box to mark ingredients you need to buy and your DS will automatically store them in your in-game shopping list for later. And if your hands get covered with dough or other ingredients, you can use the voice command to continue the steps! This game will be hitting store shelves November 24, although there's no word on pricing just yet. Stay tuned for more titles in this series!