One Less Desk Is One More Desk I Want

I have a hard time keeping my desk clean already, but this desk would have a problem staying clear of my drool. It's that pretty. Sure, it's spare and simple, but it's not lacking in the right kind of details.

With One Less Desk ($650), you get a clean, great-looking desk with a tiny footprint — and instead of a keyboard tray or taking up more space, there's a second, lower "deck" for your keyboard, mouse pad, and other peripherals. And when you look at the rear, you find built-in nooks and crannies to wrap your cables around before things get out of control and you need to outsource to extra things like this!

And let's state the obvious: This desk was built for Macs. Available in Apple white or gray, you can match or contrast with a MacBook or MB Pro (even the vents are the same!). But PCs could still rock this, if they're warming to that Mac look a little, hmmm?