Nook Cases from JAVOedge

JAVOedge Releases New Nook Cases in Time For Spring

With all the iPad news over the past few months taking over the Internet (along with the iPad vs. Kindle debate), you may have forgotten about the other ereader on the market right now, the Nook. The Nook has already been dressed a hundred different ways since its release last year, but none have been as perfect for Spring as the JAVOedge Poppy Sleeve Case ($35), which coincidentally, you can buy on Amazon.

Coming in three colors, the JAVOedge case screams to be taken outside and enjoyed in the Springtime weather with its vintage-y print, while the tough, hard shell case protects your reader from bumps, bruises, and scratches. Since we're on the subject of ereaders — how are you liking your Nooks? Still in love?