New Super Mario Bros. For the Wii Goes on Sale This Sunday

Hot Holiday Item to Pre-Order: New SMB For the Wii

I'm not gonna lie, after getting a sneak peek of New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii back in June at E3, I've been secretly counting down the days until I can pop this game into my shiny white console.

In less than five days (this Sunday!) SMB for the Wii ($50) will be released across the country, and I can tell you this much — it's going to be on many wish lists this holiday season — heck, it's already getting rave reviews.

There's no denying that Super Mario Bros. games have staying power — SMB3 did win our best video game ever bracket challenge! And with this game you can experience multiplayer fun (Mario, Luigi and two toads are playable characters), use the new propeller suit, and shake and tilt your wiimote to do fun things like tilt seesaws and transform Mario into a penguin.