The New Pentax WS80 Waterproof Camera

The WS80 Waterproof Cam Sorta Replaces the Popular W60

Pentax sure made a big splash in the tech world when it debuted its 10-megapixel, 720p recording, 5x optical zoom W60 waterproof camera last year. Till this day, people are still raving about this compact cam that puts some regular point-and-shoot cameras to shame.

Well, Pentax has just announced its latest in the waterproof world — the Pentax WS80. At $250, this camera is just shy of being $100 cheaper than the W60, yet it boasts the high def 720p recording, and the 10-megapixel rating. The only major thumbs down is that it can't be used in waters deeper than five feet, whereas the W60 is waterproof up to 13 feet. Shallow snorkelers, this new Pentax camera is for you. Deep sea divers, guess again.