Naptop Pillow Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Case Plus Pillow Equals the Naptop

My favorite find at this year's Macworld: the Naptop, a new kind of laptop sleeve from Trexta. The Naptop, which will hit stores sometime before Spring, is part laptop case and part pillow, perfect for flights or other long trips.

Your 13-inch laptop fits snugly between two padded sides of the case, so it's secure while you nap. A strap on the back of the case secures the Naptop (which functions well as a pillow without your laptop inside) to a car, train, or airplane seat's headrest. The Naptop will be available sometime in the next month or so in black and pink, both with funny and adorable sheep detailing.

While the Naptop isn't the most space-efficient way to carry your laptop while traveling, if you're planning on toting a pillow for your journey, it's an excellent and adorable two-in-one option.