NUD Textile Cables and Cords Only in Europe

Let Your Cables Stand Out: The NUD Cable Collection

If you're obsessed with going wireless because of a few unattractive power cables, then maybe these will help you ease up on your cord management obsession. The NUD Collection of cables and lights is an eye-catching group of textile-wrapped cables which come in different (read: fashionable) colors and textures, meant to draw attention rather than blend in.

Currently available only for geeks living in Europe (lucky dogs, you!), the NUD cables come with porcelain lightbulb holders (so you can hang your lights in style), in power brick form with multiple outlets, and as extension cords, keeping your behind-the-TV outlets looking fresh. All the NUD cables come in varying lengths from one to 10 meters (that's three to 32 feet for the rest of you), so you can style your room around your power from now on, instead of the other way around.

Check out a few more images of these oh-so-stylish power cables when you read more.