Motorola Announces Their New Android Handset: The Cliq Coming to T-Mobile

Motorola Joins the Android Party With the Cliq

A new Android handset has been born, and her name is Cliq. Announced yesterday here in San Francisco, Motorola unveiled their first Google Android device from T-Mobile — the Motorola Cliq. I got a hands-on demo of the shiny new phone and was pretty impressed with its fancy new features. With the looks of a MyTouch 3G and an interface that resembles the Palm Pre, at first glance, the Cliq may look like just another smartphone.

But what makes it stand out is MotoBlur, Motorola's social genius interface. With MotoBlur, you can do things like update your Facebook profile, Twitter, and MySpace pages with one status update; check your email from various different accounts at once; and see your contacts status updates, photo uploads, profile changes, in the happenings section (all from your home screen using three widgets). And yes, you can keep everything running at once, without having to close applications to view updates or email . . . although I must admit, your screen could appear to be a hot mess for those who aren't that tech savvy.

Other notable features include a 5-megapixel camera and a video camera, both a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard, it's 3G-capable, has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, it boasts GPS functionality and it is WiFi friendly. I couldn't seem to get the guy doing the demo to spill the beans on a price, but he said it will soon be announced, since the phone's release date will be in the next couple of months . . . just in time for Christmas. Color availability right now includes titanium or winter white, although he did say they'd add more colors, depending on the phone's popularity.