Mophie Workbook For iPad Review

Review: Mophie Workbook For iPad

Things I love: my iPad and the color orange. So, it only makes sense that I would adore my new orange Mophie Workbook For iPad ($50), a protective case and stand for the device. And after a long two and a half weeks of traveling with the iPad, I can say that the Mophie Workbook is an excellent case! Find out why after the break.

  • It's thin and lightweight. It's substantial enough to be protective, but not overly large or bulky. Plus, it straps closed nicely to prevent accidental opening while it's inside your bag.
  • The cover has a luxe feel, but it doesn't break the bank. While the fact that my case is orange may have swayed me originally, it's also incredibly soft faux leather. And the interior is lined with a supersoft plush to protect the device.
  • It's incredibly easy to insert and remove your iPad from the Workbook, but it still fits snugly. I wasn't worried at all about the safety of my iPad while it was in the case.
  • It's a stand, too! This part took me a little while to figure out; I'm not the best at reading instructions. But the case folds and small pieces of Velcro affix to the case's lining, creating a simple and adjustable stand.

In addition to awesome orange, the Workbook comes in black, brown, white, and gray with accenting strap. This is an excellent and affordable iPad case that I'd certainly recommend to anyone!