Mini Ninjas Video Game Coming This Fall

Mini Ninja Cuteness Coming This Fall

Who doesn't love ninjas, especially when they're mini?! Fighting their way into your consoles this Fall is Mini Ninjas, which is sure to be the cutest game since LittleBigPlanet as far as I can tell from these screenshots. Mini Ninjas has you playing as one of two student ninjas that has been sent out by the Master Ninja to defeat the evil Samurai Warlord and his band of forest animal warriors.

Although you are your master's last choice to defeat the evil forces, you find that you have some serious skill as Hiro, the youngest of students, and a great intimidation factor as Futo, the largest (and of course, slowest) student. I can appreciate a great fighting game, but Mini Ninjas looks like it has a lot more going for it than just button mashing — the scenery looks fantastic, it has a cool retro art style, and the story seems to remain pretty positive, so even the younger set can enjoy playing.

Check out more screenshots, and see the full trailer (which includes some adorable cartoon pandas), when you read more.

Look for Mini Ninjas to hit your Wii, DS, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this Fall!