Mini E Cooper Debuts This Year in US

First All-Electric Mini Comes to US Later This Year

I'm all about going green, especially if I could ride in a hot little number like this Mini Cooper! The first ever electric powered Mini to hit the US will be rolling into a select number of driveways later this year to gain some road-tested street cred. Since only 500 of them are being released across California, New York, and New Jersey, you're probably going to have to wait awhile to get your own.

Dubbed the Mini E, it sports a 35 kW battery that can be charged in just over eight hours, or in as little as two and a half hours with the BMW-provided and mounted "Wallbox" that will up the amps flowing to your battery.

And don't think this electric vehicle takes as long to speed up as it does to charge. To see how quick this car moves, just read more.

The Mini E hits 62 miles per hour in just eight seconds — only four seconds slower than the red-hot Tesla Roadster. I've always been in love with the compact and cool Mini — especially since they are the perfect city cars — so going electric and green would almost make me consider a purchase! Key word being almost.