Matt & Nat's Moz Laptop Bag is Made of Cruelty-Free Vegan Leather

Matt & Nat's Moz Laptop Bag: Luxe, Lovely and Kind

If you know geeksugar, then you know my weakness for nice leather laptop bags — but sometimes some of you say that they don't look professional enough (like the ombre Prada laptop tote, which is impracticality at its hottest). So my gift to you today is the Moz Laptop Bag by Matt & Nat.

Shaped like a tasteful portfolio and offered in black and navy blue (though the black is currently out of stock, so use that as an excuse to go for the blue), the color manages to be trendy and young but still completely refined. AND here's the big bonus — despite its amazing likeness, this bag is actually made of cruelty-free vegan leather. Watch out, Stella McCartney! On sale for $145, it's affordable, conscientious business-girl chic!