Lost Winds Coming to WiiWare

First previewed at this year's Game Developers Conference, Lost Winds will be a title to watch out for on the Wii in the upcoming months. Although I'm totally looking forward to the much hyped Grand Theft Auto IV, I do like a nice, friendly Nintendo game to have some fun with. Lost Winds has you playing as Taku as you navigate your way through the world of Mistralis. In this world, you are trying to find and piece together shards of a spirit stone with the help of the wind called Enril, which you also have control over. Using the nunchuck to direct Taku, and the Wiimote to aim Enril's breezes, you not only help Taku jump, but can push over rocky obstacles, light torches and spray water.

OK, so it seems to be a fun and interesting puzzle game, but it's totally pretty, right?! I love little Taku and his cape, plus it kind of reminds me of Zelda. Lost Winds doesn't yet have a release date, but word has it that it will be out on WiiWare very soon. Check out more screens when you read more