Logitech Fantasy Mouse Collection Adds Color to Your Work Space

Pump Up the Style on Your Desk With a Logitech Mouse

You don't really think about the kind of impact a good mouse can give to your otherwise boring and dull desk. Me? I'm rocking a plain black one because my sleek Apple mouse bit the dust, and I've yet to replace it with something that "goes" with the rest of my desk decor.

Being the style-conscious geek that I am, I'd totally go for one of these new Logitech Fantasy Collection mice that add a bit of color and pizazz to my desktop space. Coming in a range of colors and styles, this rainbow number just happens to be my fave (and comes in at the lower price point at $30). $30 for a mouse, you ask? Well, sure — the Logitech M310 is contoured to fit leftys and rightys, discreetly plugs into your USB port for wireless mousing, and lasts up to 12 hours on a single battery. The M305 model ($40) even comes with a smart WiFi-ready battery so you never lose connection. Smart, indeed.