Lego Storage Boxes

Life-Sized Lego Boxes to Store Your Gadget Gear

Want to organize your dorm room, or teach your kids the art of organization? You could start with stashing your lesser-used gear, cables, battery packs, and toys into some storage boxes. But let's face it — you have your regular, run of the mill (read: boring) storage cubes, and then there are these amazing Lego Brick Storage Boxes (about $21 each) from the UK that totally put your Container Store versions to shame.

Not only do these life-sized Lego boxes dress up a playful room with six different colors (red, yellow, white, bright blue, shocking pink, and dark green), but they also hold all of your crap you don't want strewn about your apartment, and could even act as a stand-in for art during your next house party. Plus, you can never go wrong with Lego — it's like a universal language for geeks worldwide.