Leather iPhone 4 Cases

Gorgeous High-End, Handcrafted Leather iPhone 4 Cases

Apple's free iPhone case offerings not doing it for you? While they may work to protect the phone and improve reception, they aren't the prettiest options on the market. If you have a little extra cash kicking around and are looking for a high-end, artfully constructed case, check out this line of Vaja leather iPhone 4 cases. Starting at $55 and going up from there, these cases don't come cheap, but each is made of soft, handcrafted leather with an array of bright and cheerful color options.

Since each case is made by hand, it takes about 45 days for your case to arrive. Cases featuring flaps over the front of the iPhone also include a magnet to keep the flap closed securely. Plus, many cases are completely customizable, so you can choose your favorite colors for both the inside and outside of the case.