Leather Laptop Bag For Father's Day

Just For Dad: A Leather MacBook Bag

How quickly time flies! It feels like we were just talking about Mother's Day gifts, and now Father's Day is knock, knock, knocking on our door. It's not uncommon to see dads walking around town with their laptops in tow these days, so if he's passed on an iPad and is keeping a trusty MacBook for his computing power, why not get him a classy and chic laptop bag for Father's Day? Sure, a man bag will do the trick for netbooks and tablets, but this Fullgive Leather MacBook Case ($207) is the epitome of rugged-yet-classy design.

Handmade from strips of sturdy leather, this case maintains a protective outer shell while keeping his machine nice and cozy inside with a felt inner lining. You can even customize the bag for size, color, and buckle selection to make it a truly one-of-a-kind gift for dear 'ole dad.