Kanye West Lists Home For Sale, Shows Off Love of Cartoons

Kanye West Shows Off Love For Cartoons in Real Estate Listing

We all know Kanye West may hate Twitter, but he loves to blog about tech, design, and fashion, and snap pics of his journeys around the globe. Does that make him a geek? Nay. Although, he may be getting an honorary badge now that I've seen the inside of his 4,214-square-foot home that he's just listed for sale.

His $4 million Hollywood Hills abode boasts built-in computer systems, theater projectors, tons of pop art and modern furniture, and best of all — lots of love for The Jetsons and Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, both of which hold a special place in my heart as well. Since I've often believed that Kanye was from the future, I can't say I'm surprised that he is familiar with George, Jane, and the gang. If you want to see the rest of Kanye's modern and colorful home, there's lots of real estate eye candy over on CasaSugar.