Incipio iPhone and iPod Touch Sleeves: Sleek and Candy-Colored

Mar 10 2008 - 8:30am

I'm pretty sure that my favorite kind of iPhone and iPod touch cases are sleeve-style, as opposed to gel cases [2], because I have this thing about how, well, pretty the phone is, and I like holding it in its un-gelled state. So I'm always on the hunt for a cool and simple iPhone sleeve, and I think I've found it in Incipio's iPhone and Touch Orion Sleeve Cases [3]. I remembered Incipio cases when I posted their cool MacBook Air sleeve [4] the other day, and also from when I saw them at MacWorld [5] this year.

The cases are slim and sleek and feature a little tab (called the Easy Reach System) that pulls the iPhone slightly out of the sleeve, so you're not awkwardly using your finger and thumb to get a grip on the phone's edge to pull it out. Need more reasons? Check out the bright beautiful colors below and the price — just 20 bucks!

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