Incase Winter Weather Bags and Laptop Cases

Incase Goes Weather-Resistant For Winter

Seriously, where has the time gone!? It seems like only yesterday I was declaring my love for Fall colors when —boom — Winter shows up on my doorstep. Even if I'm not ready for the chilly and wet conditions, at least my laptop can be with the latest Incase lineup of MacBook accessories. More than just a color change (oh, but how luscious the colors are — taupe, auburn, and a deep blue), the Winter-ready laptop cases and bags come in a super durable cotton canvas that's been weather treated to keep those raindrops from soaking through your bag and gunking up your machine.

Fitting your 13- and 15-inch MacBooks, the Incase accessories range from $50 for a simple sleeve, to $130 for a sturdy backpack that fits all sizes of MacBooks. There's even a padded sling-style Field Bag ($70) made just for toting around your iPad!