I Lego NY by Christoph Niemann

I Lego N.Y. Book is Adorable

A copy of I Lego N.Y. ended up on my desk today, and I love it. It's a funny look at NYC through simple Lego designs like "Statue of Liberty" and "Man on Subway Platform, Seeing a Critter on the Tracks." The book was conceived and designed by children's author Christoph Niemann and was inspired by his sons' toys after he had left the city. The book is comprised of photos posted on the New York Times website along with new creations. Handwritten explanations and arrows designate each object.

The book, which retails for $15, is a great gift for any geeky New Yorker (or geeky New York-lover, for that matter). I love the simplicity of the designs and the witty the way they're presented. My favorite? The page of "$200 Parking Ticket Under Windshield Wiper," featuring an orange Lego under long, thin gray Lego resembling a wiper blade. As anyone who's driven in NYC will tell you — spotting the dreaded orange parking ticket on your car from afar is more anxiety-producing than parking in the city.