House of Marley CES 2011

House of Marley Takes Sound to a New Level

We briefly heard about House of Marley when news of its new iPhone boombox hit earlier this week, but after stopping by its booth this morning at CES, we had a chance to check out its entire awesome line.

House of Marley was created by the family of Bob Marley and in conjunction with HoMedics has released a complete line of eco-friendly products embodying the spirit and values of Bob Marley. The collection is made up of three lines, Jammin', Freedom, and Destiny, with earbuds, headphones, docking stations, speakers, and boomboxes. Jammin' aims to bring the joyful spirit of Jamaican life to sound products, with earbuds, headphones, speakers, and speaker bags. Freedom's earbuds, headphones, and speakers deliver a more high-end audio experience, and the Destiny earbuds and headphones offer professional-quality sound.

A portion of all sales will benefit, dedicated to spreading Bob Marley's message of unity and peace.

Learn a bit more about the House of Marley and its passion for working with sustainable products after the break.