House Being Built Entirely Out of Legos and Wood in The UK

This Old House: UK Toy Master Builds House From Legos

I will confidently wager that you've spent a fair amount of time building miniature cities with Legos at some point in your lives if you call yourself a geek. I know I did. Not only cities, but spaceships and boats, and forts, and . . . well, you get the picture. But James May, a toy fanatic from the UK (who has his own TV show), built a real house from Legos.

This two-story Lego palace, which resides in the middle of a vineyard, sports a working bathroom, and is covered inside and out with bricks pieced together by 272 Legos. Over three million bricks were used to build the Lego pad, so doing some quick math here — that's over 816 million Lego pieces! Sheesh. I wonder what they'll do with the Legos once James moves out?

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