Hard Candy iPad Cases, Sleeves, and Skins

Macworld 2010: Hard Candy iPad Cases

Things you need to think about after you win the 64GB iPad giveaway: protection. And I don't mean protection with wings. Newcomer to the Apple accessory arena, Hard Candy is hitting the ground running at this year's MacWorld by arming themselves with the first hard-shelled iPad cases to hit the market. Coming in a range of colors and designs, the Hard Candy cases, sleeves, and skins will protect your new gadget from abuse, while keeping things on the up and up, style-wise.

The cases, which are slated to hit shelves alongside the iPad in March, feature shock-absorbing bumpers (protecting the corners from dents), and screen covers to keep your iPad from getting scratched. Prices start at $35 for skins, and $45 for shells and sleeves. I'll get a closer look when I hit the MacWorld expo floor, so stay tuned for a review!