Handmade Geeky and Cool Super Mario, Disney, and Video Game Laptop Decals

Etsy Find: Cool Vinyl Laptop Decals

If the Twilight laptop skin isn't your thing, then maybe this selection of cool and geeky ones will be. I first found this awesome Snow White laptop decal (which reminded me of yet another Twilight-themed decal), which incorporates your Apple logo into the piece. But then I kept browsing the shop and got hooked on all of the totally geeky decals, which can be used on your laptop, your Kindle, your walls, or wherever you want to stick 'em.

Good news is that these decals were made to be attached and then pulled off later, so you won't have any sticky residue after you've outgrown your artsy vinyl. Plus, with prices starting at $13 each, you can't really go wrong. Check out a few more of my faves below!

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