Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester Uses Orange LG enV Cell Phone as Blair Waldorf

Gadget Girl: Blair Still Rocking the Orange LG eNV!

Even though Gossip Girl's relationships can change in an instant, as we saw on the season finale, it's nice to know that some things never change!

Showing some loyalty as her character usually does, Blair showed up filming for next season using the same orange LG enV phone that she used for most of last season (although in my poll, most of you said she seemed more likely to have a Prada phone). She had it constantly, as you can see in my compilation of last season's tech quizzes.

The LG enV no longer appears to be available in orange through Verizon, but I admire Blair for stickin' with a phone that's a little more hard to come by these days. And I always kind of wondered why her character would choose that color, and now I think I have an answer: It goes with these shorts!

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Flynet and photos courtesy of The CW